How to Help Wildlife

Fund raising campaign

The Fondation de la faune helps organizations carry out habitat conservation projects in Quebec. These interventions employ thousands of people and their efforts benefit wildlife and everyone who visits their habitat. As an ornithologist, avid hiker, hunter, sports fisher or simply a nature enthusiast, take concrete action. This year, give to the Fondation to maintain a living forest for all!


Online 2016 calender viewer
As a gesture of appreciation, the 2016 calendar is offered free of charge for all donations of $25 or more.

A forest rich in species is a living forest
Forests in Quebec, deciduous to the south and coniferous to the north, cover 1.3 million square kilometers. They provide shelter to at least 650 species of vertebrates: mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles. The forests that we love to explore, hunt or fish in, visit to observe wildlife or simply to relax, are a great source of wealth from any standpoint and worthy of special attention.

One of the Fondation’s goals is to ensure that the needs of wildlife are taken
account of during logging and forest development activities. Forest management
that closely mimics nature helps mitigate ecological differences between
managed and natural forests. Voluntary conservation and the integral protection
of exceptional forest environments for wildlife also rank among initiatives

Give to the Fondation de la faune
Giving to the Fondation is helping hundreds of organizations involved in major
wildlife habitat projects (link towards examples of projects). Giving to the Fondation
is participating in a great wildlife movement supported by thousands of people from
all regions, committed to wildlife and their habitat. And remember: a living
forest is beneficial to all!

Join the wildlife movement with a monthly donation
A monthly donation is a simple and effective way of helping the Fondation de la faune. You will be supporting our mission each day and every month.

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