Discover how the Fondation de la faune du Québec can help you with your wildlife and habitat conservation or development projects. The Fondation de la faune has three ways to help you with your conservation or development project of a wildlife habitat : financial support, technical support and site protection.

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Wildlife Initiatives

Take the Wildlife Initiative.

We Will Support You.

What is a wildlife initiative?
It involves an idea and people. It consists of a wildlife and habitat conservation or development project designed and implemented by a local organization.

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If you are interested in the conservation or development of a wildlife habitat, there are three ways we can help you.

1. Financial Support of Projects
We contribute financially to a wide range of wildlife conservation and development projects originating with local organizations.

2. Technical Support of Projects
Our team of coordinators informs and accompanies organizations wishing to take concrete action to save wildlife habitats. They offer valuable support in the planning, completion and follow-up phases of projects and participate in training sessions and workshops.

3. Site Protection
When deemed necessary, the Fondation de la faune may acquire private land or negotiate conservation agreements with landowners. However, preference is given to organizations wishing to assume responsibility for managing exceptional wildlife sites.
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