Business Partnerships

Combining Business and Nature

Clear benefits for companies
seeking to achieve an outstanding green report card or to innovate or improve their business practices.

1. Obtaining recognition as a socially responsible company.
Improving the green report can enhance the corporate image and can lead to more business opportunities in national and international markets.

2. Joining and sharing in the advantages of an extensive network of companies and organizations.
In Québec, the Fondation de la faune is the most active organization in the field of biodiversity and our network of partners share our enthusiasm. 

3. Combining forces in credible, concrete projects.
Your investment will be linked to achievements having a direct and positive impact on wildlife and wildlife habitats. We support more than 400 new projects each year. 

4. Participating in profitable investments.
Thanks to our financial agreements, each dollar invested by the Fondation de la faune results in four dollars invested in the field.

How to become a partner?

No matter what your field of activity, we can offer a unique partnership in keeping with your needs.
Contact us.
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