Who Are We
Our corporation is committed to wildlife conservation. We are known and recognized for taking efficient, comprehensive action in the field. Our aim is to make Quebecers who coexist with, and benefit from the presence of wildlife, stakeholders in the conservation and development of fauna in natural habitats.

Our Territory
Every living environment in Québec: aquatic, wetland, riparian and land.

Our Subjects of Interest
All wildlife species in Québec including birds, mammals, fish, amphibians and reptiles, regardless of whether or not they are a threatened species.

Our Clientele
Our large clientele is diverse. Since our work consists of supporting wildlife initiatives, it encompasses issues involving wildlife, forests, farmland and the environment. For example, we join efforts with wildlife territory managers, conservation agencies, hunting and fishing associations, logging companies, agro-environmental advisory clubs, etc.

Our Approach
Partnership: we act as a catalyst for change, prompting communities in Québec to become active stakeholders in local wildlife conservation efforts. We count on the concerted efforts of local players and strive to build a vast network of collaborators.

Essential Contributors
Businesses, individuals, hunters, sport fishers, trappers, foundations and various levels of government are vital contributors to our efforts to fund as many wildlife initiatives as possible.  

Our Logo
Our logo embodies wildlife in its habitat, symbolized by a bird and a leaf. Our coordinated action, its multiplying effect and our leadership are illustrated in the perceived movement of the three revolving vanes of the leaf shape.


About the Fondation de la faune

  • Created in 1984 by the Government of Québec to mitigate substantial loss of wetlands and to fight aquatic and land habitat degradation
  • Onset of activities in 1986
  • Registered charity since 1987
  • Under the aegis of the Ministre du Développement durable, de l'Environnement, de la Faune et des Parcs, but the Fondation de la faune’s budget is not submitted to the National Assembly for approval
  • Board of Directors empowered to ensure achievement of mandate
  • Straightforward decision-making structure and precise procedural requirements
  • Flexible organization with a great capacity for adaptation and timely intervention vital in the achievement of its mission
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